Community Artists

August Community Spotlight

Fine art, architecture & bringing old sketchbooks to life.

Tuesday, September 5, 2023

Alpaca Team

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Our favourite ways artists of all disciplines are bringing Alpaca into their practice. This month, we have MissMojo on the immediacy of expression, James Bass on revisiting old work & pushing creative boundaries, Lars Nagler on the thematic exploration, and Bwd on accelerating ideation and iteration.


Multidisciplinary Artist

"One of the most groundbreaking discoveries I made as an art director was the ability to visualize my creative vision using AI. It feels like having the ability to conduct limitless photo shoots and explore limitless concepts."

Miss Mojo Artwork

Lars Nagler

AI/3D/Sound Artist

"Through AI, I focus on processing topics that have piqued my interest over my 48 years of life. Many have to do with the human experience, with evolution, psychology, and social acting; with soul, effective power, and genius loci; with alchemy and mysticism."

Lars Nagler Artwork

James Bass


"The possibility of AI to be complementary to the traditional art process rather than contradictory is compelling to me. When it works best, it feels like a collaboration with another artist. I see my mark on the work but I also see some colors, textures and shading that I probably wouldn’t have thought to include by myself."

James Bass Artwork


Freelance Architect

"In my work, I utilize AI to explore various design options and generate quick variations on a theme. Additionally, I use AI to analyze traditional art, identifying the patterns and principles used in these works. This approach allows me to better understand traditional art and incorporate those principles into my own work."

BWD Artwork