Artist Feature

Lars Nagler

AI/3D/Sound Artist

Tuesday, September 5, 2023

About Lars

Lars Nagler aka LASSINGER is a German digital artist in the fields of AI/3D/Sound. Starting in 1996 with photography, he has since then always dealt with the large complex of "man-world-evolution" by means of traditional and respectively newly added technical possibilities. Lars was most recently awarded the "SOLO AI '23 AWARD" by Coleccion Solo Madrid and participates in their exceptional new exhibition "Protection No Longer Assured". Pieces of his "Purae Animarum" AI portrait series will be shown at "PhotoVogue" Festival in Milan/Italy in November 2023.

Why is AI interesting or useful to you? How have you brought the technology into your practice?

Two years ago, I started working with AI. My first series, "UNIVERSES," was initially invisible for a long time but eventually sold out within half an hour once it was discovered. Shortly after, I began my AI animation series, "DREA-M-ACHINES," which was very unique at the time.

Using AI, I mainly explore themes that interest me and have accumulated throughout my 48 years of life. These themes include the human experience, evolution, psyche, social behavior, soul, power, genius loci, alchemy, and mysticism. Furthermore, I have always been a fan of large-format murals, which is why I was immediately interested in Alpaca when it was released.

My current AI portrait series "Purae Animarum" is one of 13 AI series (out of 5000 submissions) to be shown at the PhotoVogue Festival in Milan this November. Several AI animations of my "The Garden of..." series are on display in the private art collection "Coleccion Solo" in Madrid.

Tell us about the pieces you want to share. Give a brief description of your process.

First I created pieces from my own digital illustrations and collages with Midjourney, then I trained a custom model from them using Alpaca. I created a lot of beautiful pieces in the style I had trained just directly prompting and also using reference as I was also getting accustomed to fine tuning with this model. These are from my firsts outputs with Alpaca.


Twitter/X: @larsnagler

Instagram: @larsnaglerworks