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Freelance Architect

Tuesday, September 5, 2023

About Bwd

Bwd is a freelance architect, based in Indonesia. Their work is focused mainly on homes and small retail projects.

Why is AI interesting to you? How have you integrated the technology into your practice?

I use AI to generate ideas in the architectural design process. AI allows me to explore different design options and quickly generate variations on a theme, which is especially helpful when working on a tight deadline or trying to come up with a new and innovative design.

I’ve found that AI makes the design process faster by generating many ideas in a short amount of time, which is particularly useful for freelance architects or those working alone. Using AI to generate ideas and create alternative designs frees up time to focus on the creative aspects of my work and build relationships with clients.

How have you integrated these kinds of tools into your practice? On another axis, I am interested in using AI to more deeply understand and appreciate traditional art. By analyzing traditional artwork, AI can identify the patterns and principles used in these works, which can help me better understand traditional art and incorporate those principles into my own work.

Tell us about the pieces you've shared here.

This project demonstrates how I’ve used Alpaca to generate elevation design studies for coffee shops. To achieve this, I trained a custom model in Alpaca using a variety of images of coffee shops. This model ensures that the generated designs have the authentic look and feel of a coffee shop.

Next, I used the custom model to generate a variety of elevation designs for a specific coffee shop project. To begin, I fed the model an image of the project model. This helped the model understand the project's constraints and generate feasible designs.

Initially, the designs generated were similar to the reference image. However, using the first generation's results, I searched for alternative designs that were more creative and innovative. This approach led me to discover several great designs that I would not have been able to come up with on my own.


Twitter/X: @bagaswede

Instagram: @bagaswd