Artist Feature


Multidisciplinary Artist

Tuesday, September 5, 2023

About MissMojo

MissMojo is a Canadian multidisciplinary artist with nearly 20yrs experience in mixed media, art direction, graphic design and illustration. This pioneering artist collaborates with AI, exploring post-photography and training models on her digital work pushing boundaries of artistic expressions. Through storytelling and bold visuals, the artist aims to provoke meaningful reflection and inspire transformation. Her art has shown internationally from Canada to NYC, Paris, London and Lisbon.

Why is AI interesting to you?

I use AI because I'm extremely curious and eager to learn new things. That's what pushed me to explore Midjourney a little over a year ago. The ability to bring my vision to life visually was a groundbreaking discovery for me as an art director. It feels like I can conduct limitless photoshoots and explore endless fashion and photography concepts.

How have you been using these kinds of tools in your practice?

Later, I started generating work from my own digital illustrations and collages, trying to create my own signature style through AI. I’ve experimented with a number of tools, including the Automatic1111 Web UI, exploring uses for ControlNet, various upscalers, and different models. I appreciate Alpaca in particular because I recognize some of that functionality that I can use directly in the Photoshop environment. Creating models with it is also very easy.

Tell us about the pieces you've shared here.

For the work I’ve shared here, I first created a few pieces with Midjourney, inspired by my own digital illustrations and collages. I then used these pieces to train a custom model with Alpaca. I created many beautiful pieces in the style that I had trained, both by directly prompting the model and by using reference images to fine-tune the results.


Twitter/X: @missmojoart