Introducing Alpaca Chroma for the Web

Generative art tools
that work alongside you

Bring your boldest ideas as far as possible, as fast as possible.

At Alpaca, we prioritize aligning our generative A.I. toolset with the goals, workflows, and preferences of our community of artists. We strive to seamlessly integrate technology with human creativity, empowering users to bring their imaginative visions to life effortlessly.

Alpaca's Photoshop Plugin for Controlled Editing

Alpaca for
Adobe Photoshop

A personalized AI toolkit designed to help you explore further,
iterate faster, and amplify your creative potential — right where you work.

Bring any idea to life

Controlled image generation

Start from sketches and reference images to guide the composition of your artwork.
Explore infinite variations of your ideas

Iterate with speed

Embrace rapid iterations and unleash your creativity. Quickly refine concepts and experiment widely with style and composition.