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Your personalized
AI rendering engine

Render your sketches, make seamless edits, and rapidly iterate on your artwork.
Alpaca helps you bring your most brilliant concepts from first to final draft in seconds.

Rendering and enhancing with Alpaca's AI


Easily create the perfect reference imagery to kickstart any project.

Render Concepts

Instantly render and style your sketches with full control over color and composition.

Texture materials

Bring stunning texture and detail to any material with a simple click.

Integrate feedback

Non-destructive rendering over your edits and paintovers makes iterating easy and seamless.
“Alpaca is the only AI solution that perfectly balances pushing creative boundaries without sacrificing the integrity of our work.”
Carl Reed, CEO of animation studio Composition Media
Carl Reed
CEO, Composition Media
& Oscar-winning Producer
Built for artists

Best in class creative control

Built to deeply understand your intent, Alpaca works with your sketches, colour palette, and unique art style to produce compelling renders of your work in seconds.
AI Sketch Rendering with Alpaca - InputAI Sketch Rendering with Alpaca - Render
Iterative sketch-based workflows

Non-destructive editing

Making iterating easy by using Generation Masks to selectively render your paintovers and edits with seamless blending. Alpaca’s layer system keeps your workflow organized and non-destructive.
Generation Mask
Selectively render specific regions of your image according to your sketch or paint-based edits.
Seamless Blending
Elements rendered with Generation Masks will use surrounding context to seamlessly blend into your existing scene.
Professional Toolkit

Everything you need

Dictate what changes, when it changes, and by how much. Whether you're fine-tuning the details of a digital landscape or morphing the features of a character.

Generate in your style

Personalize Alpaca Chroma with reference images to shape the style of your generations.
Alpaca AI - Layer System

Non-destructive editing

Use layers as a part of your workflow to stay organized, work flexibly and experiment.
Alpaca AI - Infinite Generations

Unlimited generations

Our paid plans allow for unlimited generations.
Alpaca AI - Presets for easy sketch rendering

Controlled rendering effect

Control how much your input image changes when generating with Alpaca.
Alpaca AI - Instant Image Generation

Get instant results

Create at the speed of thought with Alpaca.
Studio Ready

Enable your entire team

Customize Alpaca for your teams needs with shared custom models and [...] Whether you're fine-tuning the details of a digital landscape or morphing the features of a character.
Custom Models
Models just for your studios. That understand your style and concepts.
Render everything in the right style
Data Privacy
We don’t train on your assets.
No public generation, everything private
White-Glove Onboarding
We will work with your team to figure out what you need, help you learn..

At Alpaca, we prioritize aligning our generative A.I. toolset with the goals, workflows, and preferences of our community of artists. We strive to seamlessly integrate technology with human creativity, empowering users to bring their imaginative visions to life effortlessly.